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Extra Neutral Potable Alcohol

Associated with most efficient distilleries in India, producing the finest quality extra neutral alcohol (ENA). Our ENA conforms to international standards and is exported in food grade HDPE drums and ISO tanks to Middle East, Africa and Srilanka, apart from being supplied to many of India’s premium liquor brands.In addition to its use in the production of potable alcohol, ENA is used as a reaction aid in the pharmaceutical industry and as a volatile carrier of flavour and fragrances.We are engaged in procuring & supply of ENA of the highest international quality – minimum 96.4% v/v ENA.

Fuel Ethanol

Ethanol is used as an automotive fuel by itself and can be mixed with gasoline to form what has been called “gasohol” Fuel Ethanol- the most common blends contain 10% ethanol and 85% ethanol mixed with gasoline. Over 1 billion gallons of ethanol are blended with gasoline every year in the United States only. Because the ethanol molecule contains oxygen, it allows the engine to more completely combust the fuel, resulting in fewer emissions. Since ethanol is produced from plants that harness the power of the sun, ethanol is also considered a renewable fuel. Therefore, ethanol has many advantages as an automotive fuel.

Most industrial ethanol is denatured to prevent its use as a beverage. We offer Fuel Ethanol in 245 Li HDPE drums & 26000 Li Iso Tanks.

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