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Teak (Tectona Grandis) is a wood species native to South Asia (India & Myanmar). Teak grows naturally in tropical climate in deciduous forest.  It is used for furniture, flooring, frames and exotic carvings.  It is known for its durability, stability and aesthetic value.  It is largely consumed in India. As a environmental policy, India has banned deforestation of teak trees for many years now. Of late Myanmar has stopped exports of teak round logs.  Teak was introduced for plantations in West and Central Africa and Central and South America about 75 years ago.  Teak plantation of these regions are now used to export lumber to South Asia (predominantly India).

In the years following, we will initiate wood export from Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago. We are also focusing on other woods like Gmelina and Eucalyptus in South America. We have a well established infrastructure & organization structure. We participate on our own in plantation extraction and inland logistics. We are excited about wood business and will focus on profits maximization without compromising value.

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