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4S Procurement Solutions Private limited (4SPS) through its services division caters to its clients by offering tailor-made and specific products through its network of accredited, experienced and reputed manufacturers and suppliers.

4SPS after understanding the requirements, under a detailed SLA with its clients, identifies through extensive research by the in-house team, a set of potential suppliers/ manufacturers to fulfil the requirements. Further, in consultations with the client 4SPS shortlists the suppliers/ manufacturers and represents the client for performing due diligence; physical, documentary and statutory inspection. 4SPS provides its clients with a platform and facilitates negotiation and ensures its client gets the best deal.
4SPS also undertakes to monitor the production, provides periodic updates to the client, and arranges to provide relevant documents, certifications, and dossiers along with attestations of authorities for seamless imports of the products. 4SPS can also arrange and perform all the activities related to transportation, customs clearance, shipping of products to its clients.

Additionally, We being headquartered in one of the biggest markets in the world and having a strong market reach through our dedicated sales team, also offer to market/ distribute products of manufacturers and exporters from around the world in the Indian market.

Summarily, 4SPS is very well equipped to provide an absolute end-to-end procurement and extensive sales & distribution solution services to its client right from identifying appropriate supplier/buyer to exporting/importing of goods.

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