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Ethics & Compliance

Our commitment to helping the world Grow.

4SPS’s purpose is to nourish the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way. We understand that supply chains that support the global food system must be sustainable—balancing the needs of today with the needs of future generations. We can achieve our purpose only by working closely with our Supplier Partners. Our Supplier Code of Conduct explains how we expect farmers, producers, manufacturers, and others to work with us to fulfil that purpose—ethically and in compliance with applicable laws.

Our Guiding Principles

4SPS’s seven Guiding Principles apply to all of our employees; they provide the foundation for our operations globally. Our Supplier Code of Conduct enlists our Supplier Partners in upholding these same principles. We believe this joint commitment to ethical conduct and integrity is a strong foundation for trusted business relationships that create shared value.

1. Obey the law

As a responsible company, we expect our global Supplier Partners to share our commitment to following the law.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Know and follow the laws that apply to them and their business.
  • Treat legal requirements as a minimum standard.
  • Alert 4SPS to any material issues with the goods and services they supply—especially health and safety issues. This helps 4SPS comply with global regulations.

2. Conduct business with integrity

We seek business relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual accountability.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Compete fairly and ethically for 4SPS’s business.
  • Never offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, inappropriate gifts or hospitality, or other improper incentives in connection with 4SPS’s business.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest relating to financial interests or other arrangements with our employees that may be considered inappropriate.
  • Work with their own suppliers to promote business conduct consistent with the principles in this Code.

3. Keep accurate and honest records

We expect our Supplier Partners to maintain accurate and honest records. This helps us make responsible business decisions and disclose truthful and timely information to our stakeholders.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Maintain books and records that reflect all transactions in an accurate, honest, and timely way.
  • Employ appropriate quality audit and compliance processes for matters such as product, food, and feed safety, worker health and safety, and labour and employment.
  • Disclose, on request, the location of facilities and known origins of materials to enable traceability.

4. Honour business obligations

We work with Supplier Partners who share our desire to build productive business relationships. This requires honest communications, mutual respect, and delivering on commitments.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Share our commitment to conducting business honestly and transparently.
  • Honour business obligations and manage unanticipated events in a proactive, timely, and open way.

5. Treat people with dignity and respect

We expect our Supplier Partners to stand with us in prioritizing the safety, well-being, and dignity of all individuals, whose talents and hard work help us deliver our products and services.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions at all of their operations.
  • Never use or tolerate the use of human trafficking, forced labour, or child labour as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • Foster an inclusive work environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Respect employees’ rights to organize and bargain collectively.
  • Meet or exceed all legal requirements for compensation and working conditions.

6. Protect 4SPS’s information, assets, and interests

We expect our Supplier Partners to protect 4SPS’s reputation and any information or property we entrust to them.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Protect any of 4SPS’s confidential information to which they have access, including its intellectual property, trade secrets, or financial information.
  • Safeguard any property belonging to 4SPS while under their control.
  • Avoid any situations that may adversely affect our business interests or reputation.

7. Be a responsible global citizen

We count on our Supplier Partners to help 4SPS nourish the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

We expect our Supplier Partners to:

  • Maintain strict standards to promote product, food, and feed safety.
  • Strive to reduce environmental impact through efforts such as ending deforestation, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and using resources efficiently.
  • Protect water resources by minimizing the use of water in their operations, avoiding contamination from their operations, and reducing the impact on the water resources of the surrounding communities.
  • Respect the principle of free, prior, and informed consent concerning the resources and tenure rights of indigenous communities.
  • Work with 4SPS to implement sustainable processes and correct problems to drive continuous improvement and societal value.

Our goal of the trusted partnership

It is our goal to build trust-based relationships with ethical Supplier Partners who follow these seven Guiding Principles. We expect our Supplier Partners to cooperate with our reasonable requests for information, certifications, and/or audit access. When there is a concern, our practice is to work with the Supplier Partner. We may be able to help identify possible improvements. However, when an issue can’t be corrected or a supplier partner is unwilling to engage, we reserve the right to end our relationship.

By working closely with our Supplier Partners, we believe we can achieve mutual success while helping communities and the wider world Grow.

If you see or suspect any conduct or business practices that you think could violate our Supplier Code, please contact 4SPS directly. You may raise a concern or get help by contacting your 4SPS representative; or calling our secure 4SPS Ethics Open Line. Contact details and further information is available in over 20 languages.

Getting in touch with us quickly helps to prevent problems and correct any that have already occurred. We handle all reports promptly, fairly, and as confidentially as possible.

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