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Management Team

Responsible for the company’s strategic direction, talent development and financial performance, our Executive Team is dedicated to building a company that nourishes the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Although they represent a diverse collection of experience both inside and outside of 4SPS, each of them has a strong track record of leading people to achieve results. Together, they are working to make 4SPS the most trusted partner in food, agriculture, health and nutrition.


Subash D. Kahaley

Mr Subhash D. Kahaley a seasoned ex-bureaucrat is corporate governance and legal expert. Mr Kahaley, founder of 4S Procurement Solutions Private Limited is a visionary professional with a deep understanding of market dynamics and is very proficient in identifying and strategizing capitalization of the opportunities. Mr Kahaley is instrumental in devising processes for the inculcation of principals of “4S” as guiding principles for the organization.

According to Mr Kahaley, Honesty, Perseverance, calculated risk-taking and co-creation of value are the pillars for success.


Shubhangi P. Kulkarni
Managing Director

Shubhangi is an M. Phil in Psychology & Relationships. She is a visionary with very sharp Business Acumen. Always in favour of taking a calculated risk and a big believer of 6th sense, Shubhangi is guiding the 4SPS team to achieve two specific goals- becoming the biggest trading company in India & strengthening the scattered, unorganised producers in India and abroad.


Praphul P. Kulkarni
Business Development Manager

Mr Praphul P. Kulkarni a dynamic, experienced and skilled international trade & business development specialist, with excellent and extensive knowledge of Setting-up, Managing & Growing business. He Possesses exceptional import and export compliance and control processes knowledge. Mr Kulkarni a professional post graduate in business management with over 15 years of elaborate experience of leadership & management has worked with leading financial institutions and multinational trading houses in India and Africa.

Mr Kulkarni is a firm believer that “Execution” is the difference between success and failure.


Aatish Gore

VP Aatish leads the 4SPS human resources team across all functions including talent acquisition, talent development, comp and benefits and HR operations. He brings over 10 years of human resources experience to the Viewpoint leadership team and a demonstrated record of leading high performing HR teams in rapid growth organisations.

Most recently, Aatish held executive-level HR positions for financial services and consulting companies that grew significantly in a short period and were eventually acquired as wholly owned subsidiaries by companies.


Pankaj Ganeshe

Creative and innovative technology pioneer with “GET IT DONE” attitude who enjoys digging deep to merge systems technology options to decision-makers; Astute in planning and delivering the most effective solution completing projects on time and within pre-established budget parameters; Builds a respectful, positive relationship with staff instilling a top performance environment while remaining sensitive to team needs.

Pankaj leads 4SPS`s technology team. Before joining 4SPS, Pankaj served as Technical Director at Synigence Technologies,


Prateek Pujari
Head Business Development

Prateek leads the 4SPS marketing team across all functions including strategy, branding, advertising, demand generation, events, corporate communications and digital marketing.

He brings twenty years of marketing experience to the 4SPS team and a proven track record of creating innovative programs to increase customer advocacy, increase brand awareness and drive rapid revenue growth in dynamic technology markets.


Bhavya Tripathi
Chief Accountant

Bhavya is a Chartered Accountant with 11 years experience in public practice accounting, predominantly in the areas of business services, taxation compliance and self-managed superannuation fund services.

she has worked with a range of clients in various industries including building and construction, property development, medical/health, manufacturing and retail.

Bhavya joined 4SPS in August 2017 and is keen to assist clients to achieve their goals and take their business to the next level.


Norbert Bissau
Director Sales- West Africa

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Vineet Dangra
Finance Controller

Vineet is an experienced financial and accounting professional. He has worked with many startups in the real estate and hedge fund industries providing financial advisory services and accounting solutions.

Vineet has spent his career at the intersection of technology, finance, and accounting as it has allowed him to combine his passions and skills. He spent 5 years there and progressively expanded his scope to running multiple aspects of the business including product management, advertising operations and accounting/financial analysis.

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